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12th August 2014

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Anonymous said: I've always wanted to cosplay Karkat, but with all of the face paint I'm worried my skin won't be able to handle it (I have break-outs very easily, so I never wear makeup). Do you know of any makeup kits or paint brands in particular for sensitive or acne-prone skin? Or any tips to combat this? :33

I really don’t know much about this, I’m afraid. My own skin is pretty resilient and everyone’s sensitive skin is different. Water-based paint is a lot gentler than oil-based ones (like Ben Nye), and face paints targeted towards children tend to be gentler than those targeted towards SFX makeup/theatre, so I would probably suggest Snazaroo. If you’re worried about an allergic reaction, try doing a patch test with it on your inside elbow, and if you’re worried it’ll bring you out in zits do a patch test on the skin on the back of your neck.

It might also be worth applying an anti-chafing gel to your face before you start, to form a barrier between your skin and the paint. Of course, do a patch test with that too.

1st June 2014


Anonymous said: Hello ! I really hope that you will answer me.... I want to cosplay Jasdero from D Gray-man and for the skin I want to use Kryolan aquacolor. My problem is that I don't know how many pot Kryolan I need to cover almost my whole body ... Would you have any idea? Thanks!

Probably only the one pot. It’s water based, so it goes a long way.

8th May 2014

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Anonymous said: I'm really enjoying your posts about Gallifreyan robes! But what's your theory on the white 'poet' outfit that the Doctor wears in The Deadly Assassin? It's presumably Gallifreyan in origin and intended as prison clothes, but fits the Fourth Doctor's preferred early Victorian dress style (while also following the floaty white things aesthetic a lot more than he usually seems to prefer) - what's going on?


Well thank you!

There are actually two, and I’m not sure which you mean. From context it sounds like you’re referring to this one:


Which, sorry to disappoint you, is just eir shirt. Early on in Deadly Assassin, the Doctor uses eir coat, hat and scarf as a decoy to get past the Chancellery Guards, so by the time ey arrives at the Panopticon ey’s already in just eir waistcoat and cravat. As you can see from the trousers, this is basically Four’s costume with the top five layers removed.

But! Thank you for bringing this up, because until I took a closer look I hadn’t even twigged that this other costume existed:

Read More

Just to nitpick, the shirt from the torture scene isn’t the same as the shirt under the waistcoat at the beginning, which is the same shirt worn in The Hand of Fear, The Masque of Mandragora, The Brain of Morbius, The Face of Evil etcetera:

Note the distinctive curved collar. Also note that while the sleeves are cut low off the shoulder, they’re nowhere near as far down as the torture shirt. When you see it in The Brain of Morbius (after the Sisterhood of Karn have removed the cravat), it’s obviously buttoned. And, of course, the Doctor’s wearing grey trousers with it.

The poet shirt from the torture scene has much more voluminous sleeves, a wider, squarer cut, sleeves left to droop almost to the elbow, different cuffs and a totally different shape to the collar. It’s a Regency style, compared to the other which is more Victorian.

There’s a couple of explanations that I can see:

1) The Doctor changed fully out of the first outfit and into this one when making the decoy.

2) It is supposed to be the same shirt in-universe, but the costume designer took the opportunity to fiddle with the outfit to make it look more appropriate to the aesthetic of the setting, probably to match the shapes and colours used by the guards’ outfits - the v-shaped collar, the red…

3) It’s some sort of Gallifreyan thing, though I lack the imagination to speculate about what.

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20th March 2014

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Made a dub version of the Doctor Who theme entirely by processing the original stems (okay, and adding the drums and the vocal sample, but that’s it). Whether that makes it as interesting to listen to as it was to make I doubt, but I like it anyway.

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20th February 2014

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Yes, yes, of course.

Yes, yes, of course.

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9th February 2014

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Why the heck did I do that?

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8th February 2014

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Almost finished lining the Mindfang coat I started working on last year and then neglected for personal reasons - I say ‘almost’ because I haven’t closed it up at the front yet because I have to put the blue stuff on first. It fits me, but not my mannequin, because everyone gives mannequins enormous shoulders for some reason.
It’s really hard - I’ve had to draft the whole pattern myself - but I’m quite proud of it so far. Watch me ruin it.

Almost finished lining the Mindfang coat I started working on last year and then neglected for personal reasons - I say ‘almost’ because I haven’t closed it up at the front yet because I have to put the blue stuff on first. It fits me, but not my mannequin, because everyone gives mannequins enormous shoulders for some reason.

It’s really hard - I’ve had to draft the whole pattern myself - but I’m quite proud of it so far. Watch me ruin it.

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6th January 2014

Question with 4 notes

queen-and-leonhardt said: Hi! I just read your Dirk Shades Tutorial/Ask and I was wondering if I could inquire more into the Underworks vs Styleboys binders. I've never bought or worn a binder before, and I'm actually also thinking of doing Dirk. You mentioned that Styleboys doesn't get you as flat as Underworks. I'm a 34B, and was wondering if I should just get the Styleboys one since my chest isn't really big enough to make a difference? Or maybe it is, what do you think? I want to be as flat/convincing as possible? :)


The main difference between the Underworks and Styleboys binders that I have is that the Underworks one is made out of a stretchy double mesh material, and the Styleboys one is made out of elastic and cloth. As a result, the Styleboys one has a bit more innate bulk to it. It’s not impossible that the bulk will actually help disguise breasts on your particular anatomy, either.

Here’s an old boob comparison photo I took for someone else showing the difference between my default bra and the Styleboys:


This shows the flatness that is obtainable and what I mean by the relative bulk of the Styleboys binder - you can see it sticks out slightly at the bottom. Note also that I naturally have a very pronounced curve to my back, and in someone with a straighter posture that might not be an issue. (I’m not taking a comparison pic of myself in the Underworks binder for the simple reason that it’s transparent and I’m not really comfy posting my nips online, but the Underworks one is completely skintight all over.)

tl;dr I think the Styleboys one will probably be fine. Since Dirk is muscular he probably has a little bit of bulk on his chest anyway.

A bigger issue is probably making sure whatever you’re wearing over the top of it fits you flatteringly. I don’t know which variant of Dirk you’re thinking of doing, but you may want to err on the side of looseness for the tshirt variants (to hide binder lines), and tightness for the tanktop variants (as this will help keep it in place and prevent the binder being visible through the arm holes or the straps being visible through the neck hole, etc). I don’t know what body size you have, but even small men’s tanks tend to be cut for broader shoulders than women’s tanks, and if you have narrow shoulders the straps will be falling off the whole time. If you make clothes, sewing your own tank or altering one would be a really good way of making sure it suits your own anatomy - alternatively, you could look in the boys’ children’s section, or get a woman’s-size tshirt with a unisex cut and clip it to pieces.

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24th December 2013

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hey look I created the creepiest song in existence

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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2nd December 2013

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I spent today procrastinating on tidying my room so hard it resulted in me making this.

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